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March 31
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(Mitch's POV)

I walked towards Sky's castle, almost tripping over a piece of cobble as I did. I was still pumped with excitement from that last round of Hunger Deens. That, and the fact I was going to a party. Well, technically it was a birthday party for myself, Jerome, Ashley, Mattie400, BreeB and Vengelfe. But I was still excited. All that food and drank...Except my own sister had banned me from even touching the kitchen door. Damn, I'd wanted to see the cake but Red's not exactly one to mess with. Even I know her limits. Still doesn't stop me though. I smirked at the thought, and then ran into the large, solid, iron doors. “Ow...” I rubbed my forehead as I turned the door handle. Locked. Just great. Red, Snow and Ty had not only kicked me out but locked me out. I think it was so they could set up. That's the reason I ended up at the Nexus. I realised the other doors could be open so I quickly ducked around to a courtyard and got in through there. I made my way through the maze of hallways and dead-ends(Seriously, why dead-ends?), to the kitchen. I placed my ear to the door but I really shouldn't have bothered.

“OH! Is that it?!” Jerome's high-pitched squeal came through the wooden doors. I didn't even get a chance to cover my ears. “JEROME!! OUT!” Ian yelled as the other kitchen door slammed. “Jerome, you've seen the cake. Now out,” Cupquake sounded exasperated; this probably wasn't the first time Jerome had broken into the kitchen. “Okay, who let the Bacca in the kitchen?” Red's voice floated through, “Jerome...” “Fine...” Jerome sighed and then the kitchen door slammed again. “Jerome!” Red called before walking out. Then everything went black as a pair of soft hands covered my face. “Guess who?” a girl's voice asked with a laugh. “Snow, I wasn't peaking, I swear,” I smirked as she removed her hands. “Still, you shouldn't be in here at all,” she put her hands on her hips then proceeded to drag me back out to the courtyard. Are all girlfriends murder you one minute, love you to pieces the next? 'Cause I think mine is.

“Jerome, it's alright,” Red's voice came from above. We looked up to see Red with her arm around Jerome's shoulders as they sat on a thick branch in a tree. “It's just she's gone!” Jerome cried hysterically with his furry face in his hands. Snow and I looked at each other sadly. Today was actually Jerome's birthday, part of the reason the party was today. Yesterday, Jerome's faithful dog, Coco, had passed away and Jerome was still coming to terms with it. And Louise wasn't here to help him with it. She'd flown out a couple of days beforehand. “I know, I know. We'll all miss her,” Red said gently, squeezing Jerome as he lay his head on her shoulder, “But she's not really gone. She's in our hearts and watching over us and trying to back in the middle of recordings.” Jerome snorted at that. “You okay up there?” Snow called out. Red and Jerome looked at each other before Red replied, “I think we're Gucci.” “Dat's good. 'Cause I don't like seeing mai buddy all sad,” I said in the most ridiculous voice and smiled at Jerome who returned it with a laugh.

Red rolled her eyes, “Please excuse my brother.” “Please excuse my boyfriend!” Snow said with a laugh as Jerome and Red slid down the tree. “Ladies, no need to argue over little old me; there's enough to go around,” I smirked, draping my arms over their shoulders. The two girls looked at each other with a smirk, then flipped me onto my back. It hurt. A lot. I lay there, gasping for breath, while Jerome rolled on the ground, clutching his stomach, and the girls laughed. “Thanks buddy, kick a man when he's down,” I wheezed as Jerome accidentally kicked my arm. “You're welcome,” Jerome sniggered, sitting up with a grin.

“Come on. I suppose we'd better show these two Ty's decorating handiwork,” Snow smirked. Red helped us up and we walked towards the main dining hall where we had Adam's party. Snow opened the door to a hall covered, and I mean covered, with multi-coloured streamers and balloons, with a large banner that read 'Happy Birthday to All!' “Who chose the banner?” I asked, raising an eyebrow at the girls. “That, Mitch, is an example of your brother's generalisation,” Snow smirked, patting my arm. Ty's idea? Yeah, that would explain it. But I had to admit, he had done a pretty good job. “No piñata?” Jerome asked slyly. Red just glared at him then smirked, “Nope. Bodil's got other opportunities to troll people.” That didn't sound good.

I had a look around the room. Look's like we were the last ones in. The room was pretty deserted except for three other small groups. One was Quentin, Annie and Ashley, all talking and laughing by one of the doors. Quentin had his arm around Annie's waist as she rested her head on his chest. Ash looked slightly out of place but she just went with the flow. Another was a couple, Tyler and Bree, hiding away near a column, chatting  quietly. The last was both of Podcrash and AdelineMarie, a fellow ninja to Jord and a fellow builder to Mattie. With her thick black scarf and purple-and-red ninja outfit, she was usually very quiet, very patient and very courageous. But I'd learnt my lesson with her. She may be patient but she knows how to get some sweet revenge.

Myself, Bodil and Jerome had decided to prank her. Red warned us that it was going to be a bad idea. See, Adeline doesn't go off straight away like Red does, but waits for the right moment to attack. We filled her house with chickens which we thought would be really funny, not the smartest idea of ours but worth the time, kinda like redstone. She looked annoyed when she walked inside from our position in a large tree but her reaction wasn't exactly what we were after. Then, two days later, I had woken up, walked out of my room and ended up hanging from the ceiling by my ankle above a large inflatable pool filled with slime balls. I'd looked around to see Jerome and Bodil in the same predicament and Adeline leaning casually against the wall. After making us promise not to do it again, she let us down. The hard way. Let's just say that it took a long time to wash of the slime.

“Mitch, you awake?” Snow asked, pinching my arm. “Yeah, sorry. Thinking,” I replied, wrapping my arm around her shoulders. “Thinking? That's new,” Ty remarked as he walked in the door with Bodil, Sky, Jason and Preston. “PURRSTON!!” Jerome yelled, tackling the lava creeper to the tiles. “Haha, Preston,” Red smirked as Rob and Matt walked in with Ian and Tiff. “#PrestonSucksatPVP,” Woofless laughed as Nooch helped Preston and Jerome up. “This everyone?” Sky asked. “Yeah. Jordan, Ant, Ryan and Bash went somewhere for Ant's birthday and Seto and Kkomics are somewhere for Kyle's. Plus,  the twins went to visit family for their birthday,” Jason said, wrapping his arms around Red's waist. Oh well, there were a dozen of us. And I think the bigger the party for us, the more stupid things we'd end up doing that we'd regret. “Well, if it's okay, how 'bout we start with cake?” Bodil asked, eyes gleaming. “Hmm, sounds good. Birthday people?” Sky smirked. What was going on?

“Fine by me,” Ash smiled, glancing from Red to Bodil to Sky. Something fishy was going on. Then again, I was standing next to Quentin. “Same,” Annie winked in Jerome's direction, which caused him to raise an eyebrow and look at Quentin, who shrugged it off. “Well, I suppose,” Mattie shrugged. “Sure,” Bree said, leaning her head on Tyler's shoulder. Jerome looked at me like 'what do you think?' “What the hell,” I said, looking around at everyone. “Great!” Jason smirked, resting his head on Red's shoulder.

We walked over to the large wooden table on one side of the hall as Cupquake disappeared off to get the cake. “You get the feeling that something's up?” Jerome whispered to me as he sat down opposite me. “Yep,” I whispered back as Tiff came out with a large cake with black and white icing. As it was set down in front of us, Jerome looked a little confused. “Hang on, this wasn't the c-,” he never finished his sentence as both our faces were shoved into the icing and into the jam centre of the cake. My mouth was filled and I could hear Jerome's muffled yell. The pressure was lifted from the back of my head. The Bodil started laughing. I realised what the cake was; a troll face. I raised my head to see Jerome furry face covered in jam, icing and cake. Red was clutching her stomach behind him. “You got owned, Mitch,” Preston laughed, banging his fist on the table. Bodil was rolling around on the floor. “Facepalmed by a cake. Brilliant start to a party,” I spat the cake out of my mouth and wiped my face. Everyone except Adeline and Snow, who were only just stopping themselves from laughing,  was either on the floor or clutching at their stomachs or chairs. “GG, Bottle,” Jerome wiped his face with a napkin, “GG.”

Tiff, once she'd calmed down, took what was left of the troll cake back to the kitchen, where it would probably be used as snack food, and brought out the real cake. A large diamond sword shaped cake. Jerome's face lit up as it was laid on the table and everyone sat down. Ian winked and handed Bree the knife, the backed up. So did every other male. The good old “knife-gets-dirty,-has-to-kiss-the-closest-person-of-the-opposite-gender.” I pushed my chair back as Tyler stepped forward and leaned on the back of her chair. Bree pushed the knife straight through the blade of the cake. She brought it back up, revealing the light chocolate coating, and leaned back to peck Tyler on the cheek. He smiled at her. Then told her to cut him some cake. She laughed and then began cutting the cake for all of us. Ian and Tiff had down a fantastic job; it was BOODIFUL! With the chocolate flavour and the layer of fudge... “Look everyone, Mitch's finally stopped talking with his mouth full!” Ty grinned. “Shut up, Ty,” I retorted with my mouth full, just to make a point.

I looked around to see Adeline and Red disappearing off. They came back a few minutes later with six large boxes I knew were presents. So did Ashley. “PRESENTS!” she yelled, bouncing up and down like a little girl in a candy store. “Okay, Ash, calm down,” Adeline smiled, setting three of the boxes on the floor. “Fine,” Ashley whined. Red set the other boxes down then picked up one of them and passed it to Ash. “Here you go,” she smiled. Ashley smiled back, then proceeded to rip the wrappings off and open the box. She gasped and pulled out a gigantic stuffed Smaug from 'Lord of The Rings.” I have to say, if it was real, Ashley would've squished it. “Thankyou! It's so FLUFFY!!” Ash laughed. “That thing does not look anything like me,” Jerome smirked.

Adeline passed a box, who lifted the lid, laughed and then showed Tyler. He cracked up with laughter, rolling on the floor. Bree pulled it out and it turned out to be model of Tyler and Jason running away from some unknown thing with freaked out looks on their faces from an episode of 'Attack of the B-Team.' Snow must've taken a photo of it when it actually happened.

Next was Mattie, who gingerly took his box and kept glancing at Boat-dil just in-case. He opened and smiled before pulling out what looked like a large with images of himself, Jord and Adeline floating like a 3-D collage in the glass. All the memories, all the builds.

Annie got a photo album full of all the fun times she'd had with everyone, especially Quentin, bound in red leather with blue flower designs embroidered into it. She smiled, then kissed Quentin on the cheek.

Rob cautiously lifted a blue pattern box with a lift up lid and passed it to Jerome. He sat the box on his lap and took of the lid. Something small and furry stuck it's head out and a tail wagged and smacked the inside of the box. Jerome gasped then carefully lifted the fuzz-ball out as it proceeded to try and lick his face. It was a small pup, not unlike Coco, but a slightly lighter brown. “It's...” Jerome started which made Snow look uncomfortable, “ADORABLE!!” Snow let out a sigh of relief. “What will you call her?” Nooch asked, leaning over to pat the puppy. Jerome thought for a moment before standing up and holding the dog up in the air, “I shall dub you Mocha, mascot of the Power Movement.” Only Jerome would do that. Red smirked before passing Jerome a nice blue collar with studs, which Jerome slipped on the dog.

Finally, I was given my present, which was actually pretty heavy. I unwrapped it slowly, savouring the moment... Who was I kidding? I tore it off. But I was very impressed with mine. It was a Betty with an image of myself and Jerome on one side and our motto on the other:
                                                 In Benja We Trust,
                                                 For Bacca We Must.
                                                Our axes won't rust,
                                                Turn wobbie to dust.
                                                 All Betty's will kill,
                                                 Through ASF's will.
                                                 The others will wish,
                                               That they ate raw fish.
                                           We hope Benja will not lose frames,
                                            And win another Hunger Games.

“Only the best,” Preston wrapped an arm around my shoulders. “That's why it's not yours,” I smirked. Preston pouted then punched my arm. “Happy Birthday,” Adam smiled. Well, he was until Bodil pulled the chair out from under him. While everyone was laughing at Sky, who was screaming 'BUTTHURT', Snow grabbed my hand and led me to the courtyard. “I wanted to give you something more,” she smiled. I held both her hands in mine and whispered, “What would that be?” Snow stood up in her tiptoes and kissed me. As in a proper kiss. Best. Birthday. Ever.
SORRY THAT THIS IS REALLY LATE!! Just everything caught up with me with school and stuff. But it's done. This is the one-shot for...

Mitch: 3rd March
Mattie400: 4th March
Ashley: 6th March
Annie(Vengelfe): 7th March
Jerome: 9th March
BreeB: 18th March.

Also briefly:
Kkomics: 27th March
Ant: 27th March
Ryan and Scott(LittleLizardGaming):30th March.

There's a lot of people born in March. There will be a cover image soon. XD

Snow is :iconsnowflame123465:
Adeline is :iconmissadelinemarie:
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